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Thursday, July 27, 2006

end 2006 shopping list + update with a fantasy battle

last exorcist(was delayed)
tk skellies...if azarel's stuff r gd
odd sisters.


I nearly forgot to record this...I won a battle vs Derfel with Southlands!!!! haha that wll show u Tat....there is nothing wrong with southlands and sauruses plah!

although i cannot deny my luck in using the skink chief on stegadon(he is AWESOME, s4 and decent initiatives meant his kills really meant something unlike those cannot make it skink crew that normally rides the beast. a sword of might and a ward save and easily make the skinkchief even more kick ass), i had bad luck with my magic while derfel had gd luck w shooting.

I am fortunate that derfel himself made mistakes in the center which he admits allowing me to finally gather the various elements of my army to position themselves and win the slugfest in the center fo the field.

things i learned:
1)I am too hum with the 2 stegadon. these kick ass guys can smash almost everything derfel fields.
2)drop the skink priest from the stegadon the risk of losing him prevent me from commiting the beast
3) a salamander is still better than 2 stegadon. a salamander buys the lizardmen player time...withering the opponent
4) skinks w low Ld are positioned too far away. dunno y fabius maximus always pass his ld but to b honest...skinks r something that a lizardman can afford to lose.
5) I just remembered how cheesy terradons are. they r wrong even when charged!!!