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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The weeks so far

It has been quite a while since this blog was updated.  The reason for that is that nothing significant has taken place since the great battles between the Dark Elves and Warlord Elmer's Greenskins.  We received news from the expedition force that has been pursuing Dreadlord Draken, the force has reached one of the Slavers outpost but the Dark Elf leader was not there.  Instead the expedition force ended up skirmishing with some Chaos warriors and sunk quite a few ships.  Some gold was plundered but otherwise there isn't much else.  I have ordered the  troops of the Empire to return home first to resupply and rest.  We may send another expedition force next year.

Recently there has been a lot of recruitment lately.  We have raised a Byzantine archer regiment and are in the midst of forming a slinger unit.  In addition we have ordered from our suppliers some equipment to raise a unit of "Warriors of Dale".  We have not figured out a way how these troops will fit into our command structure yet.  Most probably a Byzantine Guard Light Infantry or as dismounted Turkish Siphahis.

The rate which we form new regiments will be a lot slower now.  Largely due to the lack of time and urgency of the matter.  The attention of the Empire is now on comtemporary and Sci-fi battles so the historical and fantasy scene will be taking a backseat.

This is Repanse De Lyonese reporting.