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Friday, August 17, 2012

Peace and Celebrations

There were celebrations in the streets. Once again, Mr Vern has emerged victorious over the feudal lords. The Safavid Persians were subdued, Marathas crushed and in the distant province of Japan, Limish armies put down all opposition. All feudal lords from all territories were summoned into the makeshift capital city of Agorapolis, sworn to make peace with one another and to obey Mr Vern. Nevertheless there are still battles to be fought, rebel groups to be crushed. In the lands of Mesopotamia, the Babylonians have finally regrouped and raise a realm of their own. Though not outrightly hostile to the Lim state, it is only a matter of time before the Lim Persian army will have to be sent to subdue them. The Celts were still tasked with the subjugation of the Sea Peoples at the Aegean while the Greeks and Egyptian forces were to put down the followers of Autolycus as well as to push back any hostile invaders that threaten both the New Realm as well as the Ancestral Homelands. There was peace in the ancestral lands, at least for now. Tribute and commodities were shipped into Agorapolis while young men from the Spellforce and Warcraft tribes volunteered to serve in the Lim regular armies. Peace prevails but the Lims will always be wary about the next threat across the horizon. Already the Lims are training a new army in the lands of Russia, an army of Numidians and Byzantine warriors, in preparation of the next great war with the other major lords.