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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

2nd AOS. Lord Draken's execution

This is the period of Sigmar, the end of the Warhammer world.

In his great compassion, Lord Vern open the portals of Ebay and allow refugee lizardmen to flee into his realm.  Slowly but surely Lord Vern build entire regiments of saurus and skinks.  However it made his wood elven subjects very upset.  Pooling their resources together, they fortify themselves in a corner of Slaver's Lair while an taskforce was sent to seek the aid of the exiled Lord Draken and his mercenaries.

Vern immediately order the Byzantine "Emperor" Basil to offer battle with the rebels, a small Byzantine force manage to storm the Wood Elven fortress (via AOE2 engine) killing thousands of elves and some of their mercenary auxillaries while a stronger mixed force of Lizardmen and Druchii went into the forest to capture the renegade Lord Draken.  Below depicts the skirmish battle

Deployment.  The Imperials lead by Basil trapped the renegades at the foot of the mountain.  The renegades manage to sneak a force of shades in ambush

The shades shot down 2 dark riders while the eternal guard attempt to charge.  They roll a double 6 and contacted the darkriders

Both sides suffered casualties but held

The saurus and krox then countercharge.  They murdered the eternal guard who fled (fail battleshock) 

Revenge! The shades shot and eliminate the dark riders

Seeing that he is at a disadvantage, Lord Draken ordered a charge at the spears while the corsairs charge the Kroxigors.  At this point the Druchii lord realise his mistake (this is an honest mistake, i did not script this)

He absolutedly murdered the spears but he will get counter-charged next turn/  Meanwhile the corsairs are not doing well and fled (they sux in AOS)

Executioners (and Basil and crossbowmen) charge while the lizardmen finish off the last corsair

Executioners roll many 6's and killing blow all the cold one knights.  Lord Draken is the only one left.

I am awesome! Draken kills some executioners while the shades kill 1 saurus in shooting

Lord Draken broke the executioners.  The crossbowmen and Basil were out of combat when the COK were killed.

In the Imperial turn, Basil ordered the crossbowmen to shoot.  Draken has 1 wound left.

Imperials then charge with everything that can reach.

Draken passes all saves until finally Basil's horse kicked and cracked his skull.  The Druchii Lord is dead!!!

I decide to finish the game.  Shades move backwards and shoot, killing 4 saurus.

After 2 turns of chasing the saurus finally made it...

and finished off the shades.
Letter from Emperor Basil to Vern

Lord (Mr) Vern

I have defeated and executed Lord Draken.  I have also obtained the surrender of 320 traitors.  Unfortunately I lost the new dark riders regiment, a big chunk of the executioners and all my druchii spearmen.


Vern to Basil

Hi Basil,

Good job.  No worries about the casualties.  I am sending you fresh reinforcements about 1720 men.  I want you to lead the soldiers at Slaver's lair for my wars against Sigmar and Chaos.  You have more than 3500 men under your command now, lead them well.


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