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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

AOS Battle against Lawrence's Khorne Bloodbound

This is the Age of Sigmar, the end of the Warhammer World.

True to his orders, "Emperor" Basil sent the troops under his command into the eight realms to do battle against Sigmar and Chaos.  A contingent consisted of Wood Elves and Lizardmen met and gave battle to a huge Khorne Bloodbound warband led by Lord Lawrence.  Attached below are shots of the fierce battle.

The armies faced off.  My army is lead by a Glade Lord with a contingent of Eternal guard and a whole host of lizardmen.  Key units include the bastiladon and my hammer unit, the Kroxigors.  Lawrence's force consisted of two starter sets worth of Khorne bloodbound with the exception of  characters where he simply have one of each.  Lawrence's deployment is space out, he had solid assault troops spearheading his flanks and his center.  In contrast I bunched up my forces together.  My eternal guard was stationed onto a small hilllock where my general has LOS to shoot.  Kroxigors are deployed in the middle to help out in whatever direction if needed while the salamanders, skinks and bastiladon stay behind for targets of opportunity.  The saurus were at my right to guard against any flankers from Lawrence's left.  I did not occupy the skullhill because it was too tall and a unit require significant movement points just to scale up and down the terrain piece.  I rely on it as a form of defence to slow down my opponent.

After two rounds of shooting with not much impact other than some dead bloodreavers, Lawrence charge in with his two monsters and blood warriors. I had send my kroxigor to the front as I reasoned Lawrence's monster will not have enough attacks to kill the krox fast enough to regain wounds.  The eternal guard on my left is simply me making do with a bad situation, i need to have a unit to screen my force and eternal guard were just available for the job.

I lost many eternal guard in lawrence' turn and elected to fall back during my turn,  I then countercharge with my Saurus and bastiladon.

My counterattack did not do much, we traded some blows but i am unable to seriously take out any of his units except 1 of the monsters.  During his turn, he charge in with the bloodreavers while his last remaining monster proceed to carve the eternal guard.

This picture was taken after 2 full turns (me followed by him and me again then him).  In his attack phase shown in the previous pic, his monster fluff many attacks and my eternal guard held.  During my turn, my skink mass shooting plus some other support fire manage to destroy his monster.  My eternal guard then proceed to countercharge.  More casualties on both sides, then during his turn his general charge and killed my bastiladon while his 2nd unit of blood warriors finally manage to scale the skullhill.  During my turn i killed off his general and all his initial group of blood warriors as well as the red bloodreavers by shooting and some close combat.  In his turn, he brought the last unit of blood warriors into the fray.

Lawrence threw all his attacks on my eternal guard and eliminate them.  However I manage to eliminate his remaining troops by shooting (thanks to the skink priest, the skink mass fire and the gladelord's bow of loren). This picture show the final charge of my army on his last model.  For two combat phase we are unable to kill each other's last character.  However Lawrence conceded when we are approaching turn 7, this is because he reasoned that i can make my skinks fall back...mass shoot/magic and charge him again.

Thus it was a great victory for my forces.  Basil was proud of his victory as he do not met success in battles often.


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