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Monday, January 11, 2016

Saurus and Skinks. Year end-year start painting update

Those who are sharp eyed will notice that I have 1 more unit of saurus painted for my battle last month.  That's my saurus warriors with hand weapon shields.  Honestly I did not do them up from stretch, when I purchase them from ebay, they already had the primary colors on, albeit the shields are missing.  So what I did was to touch up the scales, eyes, tooth and bought shields from ebay from them (cost me quite a bit...teaches me not to look at pics carefully).

Since the year end battle, I have painted up another unit of skinks, this time with blowpipes.  They will serve strictly as skirmishers as blowpipes cannot be used in a skink cohort.

Don't really like the pose as it's almost impossible to make the skinks pose in a firing position.  A limitation of the kit
I am now working on a Skink Cheif with stegadon helm.  A relatively expensive model but a lot nicer (though more serious and less cute) than the old classic model.  After that I will work on a second skink skirmisher unit, this time with javelins, before posting another painting update.


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